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Course Structure and Profile of Entering Students and Graduate

    Course Structure

    The Professional Master's degree in Smart Energy, with recommendation phase of Capes, will be offered by GNARUS Institute. The course was designed to meet market needs, in specialized labor training items and structuring solutions to meet the demands and challenges existing in the Energy area, in all its aspects and nuances.

    The Professional Master's degree in Smart Energy has a single concentration area, with the same course name, Smart Energy, and has two lines of research: Energy and Systems and Industry 4.0. The Energy and System line is dedicated to issues of energy systems, electrical systems, and techniques that support the operation of these systems. The Industry 4.0 line works with the latest process control techniques, data mining, big data, signal processing, computer networks, and cybersecurity.

    The disciplines, all with an interdisciplinary character, aim to give different looks of the same theme, for a complete student formation. They are taught by professors of the two lines of research and are of three types: mandatory, the Energy and Systems line, and the Industry 4.0 line. The student must attend 4 (four) mandatory subjects and choose at least 2 (two) disciplines in their research line and 1 (one) discipline in the other line. The student must attend at least 8 (eight) disciplines, in addition to the mandatory discipline Seminars.

    The professors of this course have extensive experience in the Energy market, developing projects and participating in institutions that define the energy policies of the country. They also have great experience in the training of graduate students, having mentored master and doctoral students in various educational institutions. His scientific publications have received national and international awards, in addition to a significant number of citations.

    Expected Entering Student Profile

    Candidates for this master's degree should preferably be graduates or finalists in the areas of Engineering, Computing, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Administration, or the like. This master's degree, in the Interdisciplinary Area, aims to provide students with solid training, with scientific and technological knowledge, for the application of their learning in the solution of energy problems in general.

    All holders of a degree of higher education courses, as well as undergraduate students of undergraduate courses, are qualified for enrollment since, when approved in the selection process, present the diploma at the time of enrollment.

    Expected Profile of the Graduate

    The master graduate of the Smart Energy Program of the GNARUS Institute will have a strong scientific and professional basis, as well as technical knowledge in various areas of engineering, notably mechanical, electrical, and production, in addition to the areas of economy and law. His technical-scientific and professional training will be broad and general, in order to enable him to absorb and develop new technologies, stimulating his critical and creative role in identifying and solving problems, considering its different social dimensions, in addition to working in multidisciplinary teams.

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